Arbitrarily Speaking!

Arbitrarily Speaking!


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House Style Guide for Authors and Contributors

As our esteemed members, we welcome and encourage your contributions to our e-periodical, Arbitrarily Speaking!

Please refer to the House Style Guide for Authors and Contributors which sets out guidelines for your contributions.

An award will be made for the best yearly contribution, as well as for the best contribution to each issue of the e‑periodical.

Please see the 2021 deadlines listed below.  Kindly ensure that you submit your contribution/s to the Editor by no later than the dates listed under ‘Submission Date to Editor’.

 Submission Date to EditorSubmission Date to Publishere-Periodical Publication Date
13 March 202110 March 20211 April 2021
23 May 202110 May 20211 June 2021
35 July 202112 July 20212 August 2021
42 September 20219 September 20211 October 2021
51 November 20218 November 20211 December 2021

Submit your contributions to Adv Eric Dunn SC, Editor,

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