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Welcome to the Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa) NPC’s (“the Association”) Trust Hub. Trust and transparency are the foundation of the mutually beneficial relationships we strive to build and cultivate with our members, customers and collaborators.  In order to cultivate these relationships, we endeavour to keep our policies on important issues clear and transparent to ensure a common understanding.

The Association recognises that one of its fundamental responsibilities is to ensure that the Association protects the Personal Information entrusted to it by its Data Subjects (customers).  This is critical for the maintenance of the Association’s reputation and for complying with its legal and regulatory obligations to protect the Association’s Data Subjects’ information.  The Association also follows a transparent policy regarding the management of the Personal Information of its Data Subjects

Access the Information Regulator’s POPIA forms here.

The Association’s Relationship with You

Download the Association’s PAIA Manual (updated 3 October 2023) here.

Access the Information Regulator’s PAIA forms here.

Privacy and Data Protection

The Association focusses on privacy and data protection and, as such, takes its obligations under data protection laws (such as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”)) seriously.  The Association continually strives to meet its regulatory obligations and processes Personal Information and data lawfully in accordance with applicable principles and conditions.  The Association processes Personal Information and data as a controller (Responsible Party) when providing services to its customers (Data Subjects).  The Association’s Privacy Policy sets out how it processes your Personal Information.  The Association does not act as a Data Processor as it does not process Personal Information and data on behalf of its customers.  For this reason, the Association does not conclude Data Processing Agreements (“DPA”) with its customers.  The GDPR does not require the Association to appoint a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”).  Ms Rochelle Appleton is the appointed Information Officer (“IO”) and Miss Michelle Venter is the appointed Deputy Information Officer (“DIO”) under POPIA.

Download the Association’s Privacy Policy (updated 7 January 2024) here.

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