The Fellowship Admission Course (“the Fellowship Course”) is suited to those who wish to act as an arbitrator or wish to gain a further understanding of the law and practice of arbitration.  Successful candidates will qualify to be Fellows of the Association and eligible for admission to the panel of arbitrators from which appointments are made.

The Fellowship Course consists of 2 modules both of which must be passed, together with attendance at the compulsory 2 day workshop, in order to qualify for admission as Fellow of the Association.

Qualification for Enrollment:

Prospective candidates must be an Associate Member and must have successfully completed the Certificate Course.

The consideration to grant Associate membership status to a candidate is in the sole discretion of the Association’s Executive Committee.

Course Structure:

The Fellowship Course consists of 2 modules:

  • Module 3 – Advanced Law of Contract and Delict; and
  • Module 4 – Advanced Law and Practice of Arbitration.

Candidates may enrol to undertake either 1 or both modules to run concurrently.  Module 4 may only be undertaken concurrently with or after completion of Module 3.

Candidates enrol online whereafter they will be furnished with course notes.  The course is mostly self-study based and assignments must be submitted at various prescribed dates.  The assignments will be marked by the designated tutor who will also furnish applicable commentary thereafter.

Any person wanting to undertake the course may make application by completing the enrolment form through the link below or through the Association’s web page,

Course Syllabus:

Module 3
  • Advanced Law of Contract and Delict:  Gives the candidate a more in-depth understanding of the law of contract law and the law of delict.
Module 4
  • Law and Practice of Arbitration (advanced):  Covers the law and practice of arbitration in more detail and includes the principles of the law of evidence, international arbitration practice and the writing of arbitration awards.

Workshops and Seminars:

The Fellowship Course is a correspondence course and, as such, no formal lectures will be presented.  Students are required to attend two compulsory online workshops for Module 3, one compulsory online workshop for Module 4A (Award Writing) and one compulsory two-day workshop for Module 4B (the Law and Practice of Arbitration, International Arbitration and Evidence) which will be held in Johannesburg.

The course fees include the cost of these workshops but exclude travel costs, which costs are for the candidate’s own expense.


Examinations will be written oline annually during November.  The Module 3 examination is closed book.  The Module 4 examination consists of 2 papers, both of which are open book.


The enrolment fees (inclusive of VAT) are:

  • Module 3: R17 500.00;
  • Module 4: R20 000.00.

The course material will only be made available to the candidate on proof of full payment.


Please download the Brochure and Enrolment Form.

Closing Date for Enrolment:

28 February 2021

Information Booklet:

Please download the Information Booklet (Modules 3 and 4).

2020 Arbitration Training

In an effort to provide some financial relief to our individual and corporate members in the current economic climate, the Association has formulated the following policies for the duration of 2021:
  • For individual members, there will be no entry fee, subscription fee or enrolment fee increases.
  • For all entry fees, subscription fees and course enrolment fees to be paid on behalf of members by corporate/juristic entities, the following discounts will apply:
    • A 5% discount if two employees/members/partners or the like apply for membership and/or enrol for courses.
    • A 10% discount if three employees/members/partners or the like apply for membership and/or enrol for courses.
    • A 15% discount if four employees/members/partners or the like apply for membership and/or enrol for courses.
    • A 20% discount if five to nine employees/members/partners or the like apply for membership and/or enrol for courses.
    • A 25% discount if more than ten employees/members/partners or the like apply for membership and/or enrol for courses.

Please note that the Association’s Company Rules prescribe that only natural persons may be accepted as members.  The responsibility to ensure timeous payment of all fees remains that of individual members, irrespective of who effects such payment on behalf of a member.

You are cordially invited to make use of this offer.


Learn more about the Association’s Financial Assistance for educational training here.