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The Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa) was formed in 1979 to constitute an organisation to promote arbitration as a means of resolving disputes, to assist arbitrators and ADR specialists in the efficient discharge of their duties, and to make arbitration and ADR more effective. Currently we have a competent body of mediators, adjudicators and arbitrators to assist you with your ADR needs.


2013 Standard Procedure Rules

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Construction Conundrums

Kwazulu-Natal Workshop
23 July 2014

Speakers include:
Alastair Hay, Richard Hoal,
David Vlcek and Peter Barnard

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The 7th Edition Rules


The Association of Arbitrators will be implementing a new set of Rules in 2013. These new Standard Procedure Rules are closely based on the latest UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (2010) with suitable amendments having been made to facilitate the application of the Rules in the context of arbitration legislation in Southern Africa.The 7th Edition Rules shall apply to the conduct of arbitrations with effect from January 2013 unless the parties agree to adopt alternative Rules or to adopt the Restricted Representation Arbitration Rules (formerly the Summary Procedure Rules).




The Association's Mediation Committee consists of Judge Fergus Blackie, Mr Barry Jammy, Miss Michelle Marais and Professor David Butler. For more information on becoming a member of the Association's mediation panel, more information on the Mediation Rules and other relevant documents, please see here.


Sectional Title


A Sectional Title Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel managed by the Association has been set up. The Committee will assess applications in May and November each year. An application form for inclusion onto this panel, is available here.


Association of Arbitrators - Construction Conundrums Webinar


Broadcast live to approximately 184 computers around the country, the Association of Arbitrators - Construction Conundrums Webinar is now available for you to view here on the CCN Portal. Presented by Alastair Hay (chairman of the KZN Branch of the Association and prominent Durban construction attorney) and Mike Cowling (highly respected academic and experienced arbitrator), this Webinar covers highly relevant topics such as:

Bullet How will the Consumer Protection Act affect architects, engineers and quantity surveyors?
Bullet Whose responsibility is erection design and methodology, the client or contractor?
Bullet Can a supplier exclude liability for defective materials?
Bullet Setting aside tenders - the latest from the Supreme Court of Appeal.
Bullet When does an employer have the right to amend an engineer's payment certificate?
Bullet What water is a lower property obliged to accept from an upper neighbor?
Bullet Is the employer liable for harm caused by defective building work by a contractor?
Bullet Tender adjudication - can obvious errors be corrected in the evaluation?

This enlightening Webinar is 3hrs6min in duration, is SACAP accredited and carries 0.2 (CAT 1) CPD points. It is also suitable for consideration for SACQSP CPD requirements.

The fee to view the Webinar is R100-00 (non Association members) or R60-00 (Association members), and is payable to the Association of Arbitrators.

However, if you attended this event live at the venue, or participated in the live broadcast via CCN Webinar, you are eligible to watch the Webinar recording free of charge. Please email Sianne@ccn.org.za to request a payment code.

If you did not attend this event live at the venue, and wish to view the recorded Webinar, please arrange to make payment to the Association, using the below bank details:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 04-00-26
Account No: 050113682

Then fax (031 536 8133) or email (Sianne@ccn.org.za) your proof of payment, along with the downloaded and completed registration form to us.

We will then email a unique payment code to each person included in the payment and listed on the registration form, along with a PDF copy of the guidance notes that were prepared by the Alastair Hay, and distributed at the event.

When each attendee clicks on the "View Recorded Webinar" button above, they will be asked to confirm their unique payment code before being given access to the Webinar. Please note that each payment code is unique to one person, and entitles only that person access to the webinar.

Attendees that require a certificate of attendance for CPD purposes, should contact Sianne Adam on Sianne@ccn.org.za, who will email you a 10 question multiple choice questionnaire that you will be required to complete to verify attendance. Providing you obtain the minimum pass rate of 50%, you will be emailed your certificate of attendance thereafter.


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